Vidal "Wolf"

Crime Boss in Commons Ward


Vidal, most people call him “Wolf” is leader of the Commons Ward Night Guild. He was a
street tough who rose in power and took over. He is fairly smart and rules with equal parts charisma and intimidation. There are over a hundred members, but the power base is Wolf and his ‘council’ made up of five trusted lieutenants. The guild runs protection rackets, fencing, gambling, drugs, prostitution and loan sharking. They also have the local Bluecloak sergeant on the payroll, so police interference is minimal.

Wolf is a big guy and even though he is getting older, is not afraid to dust it up and get physical when he needs to. He has the respect of most the gang and the fear of those who might challenge him. He’s at the point now however that he’s got a good thing going and would rather avoid fights and trouble. He tries to get along with most folks and only becomes a hard ass if he has to. He enjoys a drink and hanging out with the boys at a tavern called the Dancing Rat.


Vidal "Wolf"

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