Andre Ballard

King of Farlemdor


André Ballard is very smart. He is also a wizard. (Although for political reasons he downplays this)
In many ways he is a much more effective leader then Leopold was. However his major character flaw is vanity. He wants everyone to know and appreciate how smart he is. He throws lavish parties, commissions grand works of art and generally seems to enjoy rubbing his success in everyone’s nose. He also belongs to the ‘Seekers of Truth’, a charitable fraternal order that is also very secretive. Leading some to spout that they are some kind of Illuminati with plans of world domination.

His recent war with the neighboring kingdom of Ardendor, and his raising of taxes, and taxing the nobles, has made him unpopular with commoners and nobles alike. Ballard has allied himself with the rich merchants by offering them special privileges and favors. He is also supported by most the other wizards.

His personality is very blunt and no nonsense. He’s smart and he knows it. He talks fast and uses big words and thinks most people around him are idiots when they don’t keep up with what he’s saying.


Andre Ballard

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