Welcome to the city of Archoncourt.

The grand city of Archoncourt hides many secrets. There are dark powers behind the scenes and under the streets all competing for dominance. Power, wealth and the minds and souls of the people are prizes waiting to be plucked by the bold.

A wizard becomes king under odd circumstances and tries to establish his power. The nobles fear he will upset the natural order. The church opposes him because he is a wizard and they fear losing influence. The rich merchants are gaining in power through their wealth and seek an ally in the king. The free-thinkers, intellectuals and wizards seek an overthrow of the old system of kings and start talk of revolution. The commoners on the street are fed up with high taxes and oppression are starting to take things into their own hands.

The whole city is a powder keg – and too many people are holding matches….

Archoncourt: City of Shadows

jhandar RichardForsyth